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Client first We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations of clients for building long-lasting partnerships.
● Adopt clients perspective
● Exceed clients expectations
● Build partnership


We encourage linking our individual job responsibilities to our overall organizational goals and proactively taking more responsibilities.
● Demonstrate accountability
● Be proactive
● Show entrepreneurial spirit


We value self-management and teamwork, which are the foundations of successfully achieving our common goals.
● Demonstrate integrity
● Pursue continuous learning
● Work as a team


We are committed to continuously optimizing operation processes to deliver excellent results through flawless executions.
● Strive for highest quality
About Us
About Company
Quality: Our cGMP licensed laboratory employs state-of-the-art instrumentation utilizing current testing methodologies in accordance with US FDA regulations and US Pharmacopoeia standards. We are service oriented professionals and our only business is your testing needs.
Services: Varma Labs Incorporated is pleased to offer the highest quality chemistry data in the industry while providing superior value-added customer convenience along with analytical metod development and metod validations for new molecules. Our wide range of analytical testing includes nutraceuticals, active herbal ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, metals, solvent residues, aflatoxins and mycotoxins. We also provide services for food analysis.
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Analytical Services

Offers a wide range of testing services for the purpose of regulatory submissions at leading national and international regulatory authorities. Studies are conducted based on GLP, ICH, USP, IP, BP, EP, ISO guidelines. State of the art services coupled with a highly experienced scientific team. We deliver quality reports world wide.

Instrumentation analysis

Maintains a large inventory of modern analytical instrumentation to remain current with all compendia requirements. We offer a broad range of testing services using advanced instrumental analyses, from measuring low levels of impurities in raw materials to determining the strength and purity of finished dosage forms.

Formulation Services

Our rich experience in Developing Innovative and Complex Generic Formulation including Oral, Injectables, Ophthalmic, Nasal and Transdermal dosage forms help us develop quality products within set project time lines.
Most Promising Pharma & Chemical Testing Lab
Varma Labs is listed as "20 most promising pharma & chemical testing labs - 2018" in Silicon India Magazine.